Thursday, July 06, 2006


The Power of Your Confession

There is a little known fact that has tremendous power over our lives. If you are acutely aware of it, you can change your life drastically. However, most people don’t give it much attention and make things much harder on themselves. So what is this powerful tool?

It’s your words

Yes, the words you speak out of your mouth have an amazing power. Why? Because your ears hear what you say. Since you mind can never believe you could say anything false, it believes whatever you say to be true. It sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Successful people are well aware of this. They know that you can actually create the results you want by speaking them over and over before they happen. You mind hears these instructions and will actually make them come true.

If you want to be Rich, speak about yourself as already being Rich. Speak about how you’re just getting started. Speak about all of the wonderful things that will be happening in your life. Make a conscious effort to speak positively about situations even if you don’t believe them to be true. Your mind will begin to believe them. You’ll actually feel better about the situation itself.

Think of the worst thing going on in your life right now. Now begin to speak about it positively. If you’re sick, talk about how much better you feel all the sudden. If you have money problems, talk about how you’re getting your finances in order and the problems will pass. If you have marriage problems, talk about how you’ll be a better spouse and how much your marriage is about to improve. Magically, the problems will begin to fix themselves.

Words work the other way too. Watch someone talking poorly about his or her spouse and I’ll show you a divorce about to happen. A good friend of mine told me about his second wife. Ever since she was 20 years old, she said she would die of cancer one day. She died of cancer at age 37.

Words are truly magic. Make sure that you think long and hard before you speak. It can literally change the direction of your life.

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