Friday, July 28, 2006


Why People Fail

A good friend of mine just started a website design business a few months ago. I asked him how things are going, he said, “great”. He went on to tell me about all the wonderful things he’s going to be doing. All the plans he has for his new company.

You know what he didn’t tell me?

Anything that he’s actually done.

He’s a planner. A real big thinker. But he’s not a doer. How many people do you know like this?

The best idea in the world won’t get you anywhere without action. The truth is an idea is just that, an idea. You and I don’t know if it’s good until something gets done. We won’t know until the real world responds to it.

It’s better to do something, anything, rather than sit around planning what might happen. This catches us all from time to time. The trick is recognizing this failure disease and to move on. Think about it. When was the last time you got something done? How did you feel? Were you energized? Did you want to do more?

Getting something out the door, or trying something new is action. Action builds momentum. Momentum will get you to your goal faster. It feeds on itself.

I suspect my friend will still be planning his Internet business this time next year. He’ll probably have a lot more ideas, but nothing will have been done. Had he done anything at all he’d be a lot better off. Would it have been perfect? Most likely not. But he could have improved on it.

Human beings are remarkable creatures. We are very good at responding to our environment. If something’s wrong we’ll naturally fix it. That’s why it’s not very important to get it right the first time. You’ll respond to any problems just fine. It will get better with time.

Let’s all work on getting things done sooner. Let’s not spend so much time sitting around planning what might or might not happen. That type of thinking only slows us down and buries our ambition. Remember:

“It’s better to do something than to sit around worrying about nothing”

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