Thursday, January 27, 2005


What happens when we run out of Oil?

I've got to address this because I'm hearing it lately with everything going on in Iraq.

So people think we're at the mercy of these guys because we need their oil. Now, I might agree at first. But let's throw technology into the mix and look a little bit back on history.

In the 1850's the world was convinced that we would run out of fuel. Namely, the whales in the ocean that we hunted down for their blubber. Predictions ran wild that we would go back to the stone age once we killed off all the whales. At this time there was plenty of crude oil, in fact it messed up a lot streams and rivers.

Now, when we finally did kill off enough whales, the price of blubber went up and behold.. Someone found a new 'fuel'. Refined Crude-OIL! You see technology will always find a new solution.

So here's what's very exciting. Gas is still $2.00 a gallon. Heating your home is still 'reasonable'. But if the cost of oil goes too, high technology will find another way.

Interesting enough, General Electric already has the technology for a mega-windmill that can power 480 homes. They are considering building windmill farms in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota that could power our entire country. Think about that. No pollution and a limitless supply of energy. So what about cars? Well, electric cars are really are not that far off. Hybreds are going to make the oil last a hell of a lot longer anyway.

So there you have it. Technology will always find a way. Don't worry about running out of resources. We'll always find more.

- Bryan

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