Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Detroit Automakers...

I live in Detroit, so when they announce that they have to cut a bunch of jobs it just puts the whole town down in the dumps.

So I'm reading fortune magazine (this month's issue), and they're talking about E85. E85 is a Ethonol fuel that's only 15% gas and the rest comes from corn, grass, etc. It has a lot of promise of being a future fuel source.

Now, here's the funny part. Ford & GM made a 'deal' with the government to get a little break on gas mileage laws. In return for the break they would make their cars run either fuel source-- E85 OR gas. So in fact, there are millions of Ford/GM cars and trucks on the road right now that can already run on E85.

You know, I just find it funny that when gas went $3.25 a gallon, GM/Ford didn't pull that trump card. I think people would have been screaming for E85 and it would have shown just how innovative these guys are.

But they didn't say that. Most of the public doesn't know-- and keeps their perception of poorly made American Cars. Get with it guys...

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