Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Super Bowl in HD TV

Friday night was fun in Detroit and I’ll post some pics from it soon. We used Sherry’s Treo 650 to take the pictures so they’re OK, but not great. What do you expect? It’s a cell-phone!

Now, I want to post about something we’re all hearing about: HD TV. I never really sat down and watched anything (except in Best Buy) on one of these sets, but little did I know the Super Bowl would be my first HD experience.

My buddy Marzen invited Sherry and I over to his Super Bowl party where he had a Panasonic 42” plasma HD TV. I guess you just had to be there. I don’t really know exactly how to describe the picture, but it was just very very clear. You could see things during the game like the texture of the grass. You could see if a player didn’t shave or even missed a spot.

I wasn’t really sold on High definition, and although it’s certainly a nicer picture I don’t think I’m going to run out and buy one. Apparently they’re not the easiest things in the world to hook up as a few friends have told me.

Comcast is quick to jump into the game and charge you more money for the HD signal. Now, a quick piece of advice: You can use a standard antenna and get plain-old fashioned HD TV signals that reportedly have better quality than what Comcast wants to sell you. Of course you’ll only get the standard 2,4,7 channels.

Also, HD TV’s are crashing in price. Just walk into Costco and you see the prices falling.
My plan is to get a Laptop LCD projector and build a home theater. I’m sure I’ll always have friends with these HD sets where I can go catch the game.

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