Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Become Affluent in 30 Seconds

Become Affluent in 30 Seconds

Of all the qualities a man should hold most dear, accountability is his most precious asset”- Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company.

Think about this one simple fact: People who succeed in life are more accountable than those who fail. Accountability is character. Without it, a man cannot achieve greatness. He will undermine his own success.

Some of the great business leaders of our time seem to think so too. Consider what Jack Welch says, “When I see a guy who can’t keep a simple appointment, I know I’ve got a guy who won’t be able to handle the big tasks”

It’s true. Have you known people like this? The old saying “A man is only as good as his word” is timeless.

If you want to become more affluent. If you want to rise to great heights in life. Become accountable. Practice with small things.

If you tell someone you will call him or her Monday morning. Call Them.

If you say you will be at your community roadside clean up project. Then Go! Even if it’s a nice day outside.

By keeping your word with the little things, you’ll find keeping your word with big things becomes easier. Not only will you take note, but others around you will too.

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