Thursday, April 20, 2006


E85 Fuel now offered in Michigan

An Article in the Detroit Free Press today mentioned that E85 is now being offered throughout Michigan. The new fuel will be sold through Meijer’s chain of gas stations in the state.

This is exciting news since E85 can be used in most cars already on the road today. The price per gallon is expected to be $.40 less than 87-octane gasoline. Additionally, the new fuel will not emit environmentally damaging gases.

E85 is refined from Biodegradable sources such as corn. The fuel has a lot of promise because it would allow the United States to essentially grow its own fuel source that is renewable every year. General Motors has recently launched a large marketing campaign to promote the fuel as an alternative to Hybrid-Vehicles.

[Source: The Detroit Free Press; Meijers]

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