Friday, April 07, 2006


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An Observation…

Throughout today look around. Watch people. We’re all in such a hurry.

There is one thing in short supply today. Almost nobody has it. Some say it’s a by-product of the information age. Perhaps there is some truth to that.

What I’m speaking of is Patience

Haste will get you nowhere.

We’re all guilty of this. We want things quickly. We don’t want to wait.

How many people run out and buy things on credit because they can’t wait?

How many people give up on a diet because hey they DID give it a month…

Patience is a discipline. You got to work at it.

James Paul Getty once said, “When it comes to patience look to nature. Nature never acts in haste. You can’t out pace her. Doing so will ultimately lead to a man’s demise”

I tend to agree. When we try to make things happen on our time we wear ourselves out.

Think of a rowing team. Who wins the race? Isn’t it the team working with the best stride, taking things as they come? The team that fails to do this will always loose, even if they are stronger.

So today practice on developing more patience. You’ll have more energy and life will seem easier. As you do, look at people around you. Have they developed patience? Are they stressed out? Do they seem tired?

Perhaps a little patience is all they need.

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