Thursday, April 06, 2006


Why Software Developers LOVE Apple’s New BootCamp Software

Why Software Developers LOVE Apple’s New BootCamp Software

For those of you that don’t know, Apple announced yesterday that it would include new software called BootCamp that lets Apple Computers run either Windows or Mac OS X.

For software developers this is huge. I can tell you that not many of us developers were willing to learn new programming languages to port our applications over to a Mac.

Well, now the Mac army can use all the stuff we’re writing for the rest of the world.

My prediction: Long term Apple will dump OS X (their operating system).

But as software developers less of us are writing Applications that run on the desktop anyways so you really got to ask: Does this matter anyways? Probably not.

Thank you Apple.

This is a win for everyone except the OS X development team.

Apple Wins
Microsoft Wins
Developers Win
Customers Win

Smart move;)
Now can we all just agree on ONE browser please?

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