Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Meet the Obsessive

Thursday we looked at the path to success and the four different ways people approach it. You can read this article here. Today we’ll look at the second of these people – The Obsessive.

The Obsessive – This person starts out with much more enthusiasm than the Dabbler. If it’s a diet, they’re counting the calories. They’re putting in 5 hours a day at the gym. They get better results from the dabbler because of all their effort. Like the story of the rabbit and the turtle; they burn out. To find these people, look for the newbies that are overly enthusiastic. They won’t be around long.

What the Dabbler and the Obsessive have in common is they love the rush of starting projects. They lack the patience and self discipline too see thing through. The inevitable back slide that will occur in any venture gets the best of them and they’re off to something new again.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the third type of person – The Hacker. You’ll see they actually can persevere through the tuff times and don’t get derailed so easily.

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