Thursday, May 04, 2006


Wireless Cable TV is Finally Here

Have you ever wanted cable TV in another room of your house that didn’t have a cable jack? This recently happened to me and I took a risk with wireless Cable TV. It paid off big time.

In theory it’s possible to have one of your cable boxes wirelessly broadcast cable through your home. To do this you’ll need a wireless TV broadcaster. They cost around $50. But the big question is do they really work?

I bought such a device from You should have no problems with this device. I set mine up to broadcast about 30 feel through a wall. The video comes through crystal clear.

Now, it does not do HDTV. So you have to keep that in mind. Also, if you’re in the room with wireless TV you might have a hard time changing the channels. They do offer a remote control feedback feature, but I didn’t need to hook this up. I don’t believe this will work with Digital cable (Comcast).

One last drawback is the wireless TV will have to watch the same channel as the sender TV. For most applications this really isn’t a big deal.

I’m writing about this device because it worked well and I’m happy with it. Keep this device in mind if you want TV in a room that’s not wired for it.

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