Wednesday, June 28, 2006


When to Blow Some Cash!

Discipline is hard to come by today. Particularly when it comes to finances. We all want everything right now. We buy it on easy to get credit. We tell ourselves we’ll pay for it down the road when we get some extra money. Of course, those days never come.

But when it is OK to go get that new Big Screen TV or that swimming pool for the family?

Your first rule should be to always pay cash for these extras. Never put them on credit. That’s just immature and shows a lack of self-discipline. Plus, when the newness wears off, you just have another bill to pay.

So first pay cash, and second, set a goal to get it.

You know, why not use that burning desire to pull you forward. Set a goal! Let’s look at a big screen TV. Here’s how you could set a goal to get it:

“I will get the Sony 62-inch TV once I get my first landscaping customer”


“I will get a new Computer after I have invested $1,000 into the stock market”

Or even…

“I will get a new Mercedes Benz E320 when I buy and sell my first investment property”

Do you see the power in these? The desire will give you the reason to do something you don't want to do. Now, it goes without saying that your goal should be in line with your accomplishment. Start small and go from there.

I had a cell phone that I absolutely hated. I really wanted a new camera phone. I thought they were so cool. But I wouldn’t let myself get it until I sold my first copy of a shareware program I wrote. It forced me to pull some long nights to get that program out the door. It forced me to improve it. Then the first sale came in and I ran down to the Sprint store and buy my $50 phone. Of course, the software program paid for that cell phone many times over. It still makes money to this day.

Remember, being financially disciplined doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. In the end you’ll have more fun. You’ll force yourself to make more money and you’ll be further ahead. Once you make the switch you’ll never look back!

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