Thursday, June 01, 2006


Why a Business Degree won’t help you start a Business

Pam runs a great blog called Escape from Cubicle Nation. It talks about people wanting to leave their day job and start their own business. It’s a great read.

Today she has a post about weather or not a college degree matters in business.

My opinion is that a college degree is great for the job market, but has nothing to do with the business world. Consider this…..

When you go to college, think about who’s teaching you?

Are these people successful business owners themselves? If so, why are they working for $50K a year?

Here’s my point: If I’ve never done something myself, how can I teach you how to do it?

A better plan: Find someone who’s living the lifestyle you want, and offer to buy him or her a cup of coffee. They’ll tell you exactly how to do it! It costs a lot less than a college degree and you’ll gain so much more.

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