Tuesday, July 25, 2006


July 25th Person Growth Carnival

Welcome to the July 25th edition of the Personal Growth Carnival. Drum roll please...

Here we go...

July 25th. Let's see. If I really wanted to draw attention to myself, I'd read up on David Maister's article of Writers and Performers. But then again, I might not be getting enough out of my day. So I'd follow the advice of Paul Newbury and start Getting up earlier. If I got up earlier. I'd probably feel better, but I'd always go back and forth between Passion or cash? Heaven? or hell?? Thank you Peter Kua for your thoughts on that one!

I might at this point, be a little confused so I'd want to know The Secret to Breaking Out of the Box. After doing that, I might not feel very motivated, so I listen to Jeannie Bauer and follow
her advice of 10 Fabulous Thoughts on Motivation and I think just then I'd be Bouncing Back. Life presents many challenges today. So I'd ask myself do I take the Simple or Complex Approach? Eventually, I'd find myself at work and David Lorenzo would help me out with his advice on Workplace woes and their solutions.

I do have a friend in the realestate business. Times are slow here in the state of Michigan. Consider yourself lucky if you can sell you house! I might share with my RealEstate friends Greg Swann's advice on Seven essential skills of the 21st century real estate agent...

Like always, thank you for all the submissions and keep them comming. That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of personal growth carnival using my carnival submission form.

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