Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Positive Thinking

Once upon a time there was a servant and a king. The servant was known by the people for having an impossibly positive attitude. No matter what happened he would say ‘it is good’.

One day the servant and the king were hunting in a forbidden part of the forest. The king fell into a trap and cut off his thumb. Completely outraged, the king blamed the servant and sent him to prison. The servant kept his pleasant attitude and said, “It is good”.

A year went by. The king found himself lost in woods. He stumbled upon a tribe of cannibals. They captured the king and planned to eat him. Once they noticed he didn’t have a thumb they let him ago. It was against their religion to eat a person who was missing a part of their body.

The king returned thankful for his life. He enthusiastically released the servant from prison saying, “If it hadn’t been for you, I’d be dead. I’m sorry for sending you to prison. Please accept my apology”.

The servant simply replied, “It is Good”. The king asked, “Why is it good you spent the last year in prison?” The servant simply replied, “If I was with you, who do think the cannibals would have eaten?”

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