Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Carnival Of Personal Growth August 15th

We're back again this week with a lot of new writers. So, I'd like to welcome all of the new writers this week to the carnival. If you have an article that you feel we'd like, certainly take the time to submit it (below).

David Trager has a nice article about something very important-- Leadership. My Experience Of Good Leadership

David Maister hits this week on an important topic. One that will bring success to anyone who uses it. It's about mentors, entitled: Can We Copy Our Heroes?

Marcus Markou has a nice article on marketing: Talk The Talk. Marketing Without a Budget

Gleb Reys presents an good read on self-discovery: Discover Your True Self

Tyler McKinna is talking movtivation this week with Motivation for Success|Achievement|Successful

Edward Mills has an interesting article on Finding Money: Oh What Fun!. Something we all love to do from time to time.

Michael presents What Happens When You Mess up?. Here it is straight from Mike "This article talks about what to do when we do something wrong or make a mistake in our lives."

Emmanuel presents What do you carry inside?. In Emanuel's own words "A ballon with surely fly in the air as long as it contains air irrespective of its color or shape. It does not matter what color the balloon is nor does it matter the size or shape. What matters is the strength within it. A balloon with black color will even fly higher than one with white color if the black one contains more air that the white one."

Brian Kim is talking Focus this week with The Unstoppable Power of Focus

Jeannie Bauer has an article that I really liked. It's entitled Plant Seedlings for Tomorrow's Harvest of Success

Jen is new writer to our carnival. Let's all stop by her blog and say HI. Her article is : I'm Hearing Voices "I have a blog on parenting and recovery from alcoholism."

Joanne Hay has a good piece called The Wealth of the Heart.

Peter Kua is a long time writer to this carnival. This week he's back with A simple question stumping the physics grandmaster

Paul Newbury has a GREAT article on Intention Manifestation

And finally karen alonge brings us a sweet delivery

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
personal growth carnival
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