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Carnival Of Personal Growth August 22nd

Hello everyone and welcome to this edition of the Carnival of Personal Growth. We're gaining a lot of submissions from new writers as well as old ones. There is a just a lot of good reading in here. This week you can learn everything from how to quit to smoking to how to make your dreams come true!

I would like to tell you about the Million Dollar Savings Club that I'll be kicking off tomorrow. It's my latest endevor to get us all to start saving some money. If you want to join the club there is no fee, it only requires that you follow along with the rest of us. Check back tomorrow (August 23rd) as we kick this off! It will be loads of fun and probably life changing for many of us.

A Quick Note About Blog Carnivals:

If you have a blog you should write an article and submit it my carnival. You will gain a link back to your site. It will give you new readers and help you get better search engine placement. It's simply one of the best ways to grow your blog. The only thing I ask is that you write an article about Personal Development. Don't Spam the carnival!

Everyone who submits an article should link to this page. It will raise the search engine positioning of the page and drive more traffic to everyone's site. This is why Blog Carnivals are wonderful for everyone envolved!

Enjoy this week's submissions:

Peter Kua is back again this week with Becoming a consultant in 5 easy steps. We have a new writer by the name of Joseph presenting his blog self help and personal development. Welcome to carnival Joe!

Jerry Lopper is a long time writer to this carnival. This week he is talking about Acceptance and the Easy Life. David Maister is also back again this week with Life Could Be Better. Dave always has good articles and this one is no exception.

Jack Yoest has a very interesting article called Three Duties of a Mentor. Jack offers this tip: "A mentor, like a good Board of Directors, offers the CEO (that would be you, the mentee) three talents: Contacts, Consulting, Capital"

Pamela Stewart has an excellent blog. In fact she's in my list of RSS Feeds. I keep on it regularly. I'm very proud to see her article in the carnival this week entitled: A special boost for wannabe entrepreneurs: My Declaration of Independence . A special note from Pam: "I thought this post might resonate with your readers. It does refer to a "movie" I put together to help inspire and unstick people who feel trapped in corporate jobs. So far more than 13,000 people have viewed it ... I hope you enjoy it! All the best,-Pam"

J Clegg is new to the carnival. Stop by and check out his article: 7 Ways to Overcome a Personal Development Slump. Thanks for the submission Jason..

Paul Newbury has a good post you or a friend may want to read if they've lost their job. It's entitled: How to deal with losing your job. Paul is going to be hosting the U.K. version of the Million Dollar Savings club. His is called 'The Million Pound Savings Club'. It's obviously for everyone in the U.K.

RMic is new to the carnival this week with an article called: How to make your dreams come true ?. Rmic says, "This is my first participation. My Blog is brand new. I hope you'll like my post :)". Let's all support him and stop by his new blog.

Christine Kane Always submits great articles. This week's is: The One Thing We Almost Always Forget to Do(And Why To Start Doing It) - Christine Kane - Blog » Blog Archive

Violeta is also a new contributor. She has an article that's bound to get some attention. It's called: How I quit smoking. Voileta adds, "I consider getting rid of bad habits as personal growth, this is why I thought my submission would fit in here." Congratulations on breaking the habit Violeta!

Tyler McKinna has a very intersting article this week called: Motivation for SuccessAchievementSuccessful. I have not read it, but I'll certainly be stopping by.

Lyrois is new to the carnival this week with an article WOW: Learn to Trust Your Inner Voice. Lyrois adds, "Do not suppress your instincts even when they suggest taking a day off." Welcome to Carnival Lyrois!

David Lorenzo has been with us a long time. This week he's back with the Promise of the Present Day

Emmanuel is talking about passion. Do you have it? Find out at: Emmanuel Oluwatosin: What is your Passion?

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