Thursday, August 10, 2006


How to Instantly Spot a Lazy Person

“If you want something done, ask someone who’s already busy”. That’s a popular saying and it’s true. Lazy people are all around us. They’ve been around since the beginning of time. Trying to work with these people will not only frustrate you, it will zap your energy.

Ask a diligent person to do something and you’ll find it will be done. Ask a lazy person to do the same thing and you’ll get something too. What will you get?

An Excuse!

That’s right. A lazy person will never tell you they are lazy. They’ll give you a reason why they couldn’t do it. You’ll find they do this with everything. Ask them why they don’t have a job? They’ll have an excuse ready for you. Ask them why they didn’t uphold their commitment to a dinner party? You’ll get yet another excuse.

We all run into unforeseen circumstances. Times when we can’t uphold our commitments. You can’t hold that against anyone. It’s in the excuse itself where you can find the lazy person. Are their excuses outlandish? Do they make sense? Would you use the same excuse? This is how you find the lazy person.

We need to understand that people who are always making excuses. People who never seem to get anything done are in fact people that will only slow you down. You will simply waste too much time and too much energy trying to get them to do anything. It’s much better to find someone else to simply do it. By working with diligent people. People, who won’t make an excuse, will save you a lot time and wasted effort.

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