Friday, August 04, 2006


How to Overcome Adversity? Look to the Caterpillar

Caterpillar’s are interesting creatures. They start their life as fuzzy seemingly insignificant bugs that transform themselves into beautiful butterflies. But how can a caterpillar teach you and I about life and adversity?

When you start anything new expect to struggle. In fact you should welcome it. Without struggle and adversity you’ll never become stronger. You simply won’t grow until you gain enough strength to get promoted to the next level of achievement. Many times we naturally want avoid the pain and disappointments struggle brings along. Struggle hurts. We want things easy and we want them now. So let’s look at our friend the caterpillar.

Consider the Caterpillar, a simple creature crawling around the earth perhaps with other bugs. One day the caterpillar gets a dream and decides to do something different. Climbing into a tree, it spends long hours building itself into a cocoon. Then the struggle begins.

Have you ever seen a caterpillar try to fight its way out of the cocoon? It’s a painful long struggle for this creature. Watching it, you and I might be tempted to help it and tear the cocoon. Thereby, making it easier for the caterpillar to get out. If we make this mistake we’d ruin the caterpillar. It would in fact never gain the needed strength to transform itself as a butterfly.

The caterpillar would never be able to fly. It would never be able to see the world through the eyes of the wonderful butterfly. No, that caterpillar would simply remain a caterpillar. It would never be promoted to a higher calling in life. It would spend the rest of its life crawling around the ground with the other bugs and eventually die.

That my friend is what we can learn from the caterpillar.

If we want to achieve great heights in life. If we want to enjoy prosperity and the abundance life can truly give us, we must learn to welcome the struggles life brings. It’s the only way we’ll gain the strength it takes to soar through this world at great heights.

Let’s welcome struggles as they come. Although they seem so incredibly painful we’ll always end up better because them.

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