Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Personal Growth Carnival August 1st 2006

Every week, I get more and more submissions for the personal growth carnival. I decided this week to list out the submissions and let you pick which ones to read. Personally they all look good.

This has been a record week for the carnival with a lot of new talent showing up. If you have a blog and want to be featured in the carnival it's a great way to let us all know about your site. Submitting an article is easy, just use this form. The only thing I ask is that you stay on topic and do not submit more than one article per week.

Keep 'em comming everyone. Great work!

So here you go, I proudly present the August 1st Carnival of Personal Growth:

Brandon Peele presents Spirituality is Integral to Humanity posted at GT.

David Maister presents You Gotta Serve Someone posted at David Maister's Passion, People and Principles.

Peter Kua presents Walk the talk: Experience of a first-time distributor posted at RadicalHop.com.

Kevin Kneupper presents What's the highest paying college major? posted at Free the Drones, saying, "A post on which college major students should select to make the most income vs. personal enjoyment."

Paul Newbury presents Motivation and Inspiration posted at Improving My Life.

Neville Ridley-Smith presents Oi You! Here's how to stay focussed! posted at Nev's Blog.

David Trager presents Dreaming Of Reality—Adventures on the grid posted at Dreaming Of Reality—Adventures on the grid, saying, "On the leading edge of thought.."

Keith presents How to Learn to Write and Achieve Greater Success posted at skillzdesign.com.

Christine Kane presents 21 Ways to Be More Creative posted at Christine Kane, saying, "Thanks!"

David Lorenzo presents Beyond the Call of Duty posted at The Career Intensity Blog.

Lyrois presents How to Motivate Yourself with One Word posted at WOW, saying, "Motivation through honor."

Tammy Lenski presents Stepping Up to Difficult Conversations: What My Grad Students Would Tell You posted at I Can't Say That!.

Steve Faber presents You're Already a Millionaire! posted at DebtBlog.

Brian Kim presents How to Find What You Love to Do posted at Brian Kim.

That's all for this week. Keep the posts comming, we all enjoy reading them and finding new blogs on the 'web.

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