Tuesday, September 12, 2006


This Week's Reading List

Welcome to the September 12, 2006 edition of The Personal Growth Carnival.

We've been spending a lot of time saving money. But you should always take time out and read something that will make your life better. I've done the work of erasing some of the submissions that came in this week. I just didn't feel you would benefit from them. The articles below are the best of the bunch. Bookmark this page and come back to it throughout the week. You'll find it makes for great reading.

Brian Kim presents How to Believe You Can Do Anything posted at Brian Kim.

Peter Kua presents Not another cholesterol lowering drug! Innovation vs. blockbusters posted at RadicalHop.com.

Peter Kua presents Building a successful business: 8 qualities of an expert posted at RadicalHop.com.

Christine Kane presents Are You A Quitter? posted at Christine Kane.

This is Jeff's first post, make sure to stop by his blog and say HI!
Jeff presents How to Overcome Guilt posted at Jeff

Gleb Reys presents Don’t Be Afraid To Be The First posted at Personal Development Ideas Blog.

Joseph presents help with everything: Goal setting and your destiny posted at help with everything.

Mary Jo Manzanares presents Diffusing Anger posted at Leadership Turn, saying, "No matter how we try to avoid it, anger is a part of our business life. We can't eliminate it, so we may as well learn to deal with it."

Shuchetana presents 10 questions to ask before you join a new job posted at Life PBS.

Andrew Leahey presents Overcoming fear posted at Leahey.org.

Kevin Chu presents Don’t wait until it hurts posted at Smart Living 4 Smart People.

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