Friday, October 06, 2006


Piles of Money!

This post is an update to the Million Dollar Savings Club. If you are not familiar with this club, you can learn more by reading my post describing it.

Until you are a few weeks into the Million Dollar Savings Club you won’t really know what I’m talking about in this post. If you haven’t made the commitment yet to save a dollar a day you can read my posts from the beginning and play along. I’m telling you; even at a dollar a day the money builds up fast.

These piles of money are getting heavy. The paperclips I’m using are hardly working anymore. The piles are too big. The paperclips are pushed apart. I don’t know how I’m going to keep all this money together. Each pile is filled with singles, fives, tens and some twenties. But where did it all come from?

We’re at day 45. That’s $45 in each pile for a total of $135. If you’ve ever seen $135 in singles (mostly) then you’ll know it’s a lot of bills. You couldn’t fit all the money in your wallet even if you wanted to.

Saving works by taking a little money off the top of what you earn and putting it away over long periods of time. That’s the idea of the Million Dollar Savings Club – To teach you how to save money. We’re starting at a dollar a day because anybody can commit to it.

Will you have a million dollars from being in the club? Yes, you will. But this is the first step. You see we need to see all that cash build up so we really learn first hand what were doing. As we get further along, we’ll make bigger commitments. But a dollar a day is all you need for now.

Start thinking about unloading some of the give away pile. A $45 gift to someone who doesn’t expect it would be almost outrageous. Personally, I’m thinking of giving $10 or $20 to one of the homeless people I see on the side of the road here in Detroit. I wonder how many people give them that kind of money?

Keep saving each and every day. Keep saving and you’ll see the money build up. Keep saving and your money problems will soon be behind you.

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