Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Meet the Hacker

Thursday we looked at the path to success and the four different ways people approach it. You can read this article here. Over the past few days, we’ve looked at the Dabbler and the Obsessive. Today we’ll look at the Hacker.

The Hacker – The Hacker is unlike the Dabbler and Obsessive because they will stick with something over the long haul. Because they don’t quit, they do get some success. The Hacker’s biggest problem is complicacy.

They are happy at whatever level they’re at. They don’t want to excel any further. Hackers don’t do anything to improve their skills. If it’s a marriage, they’re happy sitting home watching TV every night. After all, they ARE married right? In their jobs they do enough to get by, but you won’t catch them in any improvement classes. Nor will you see them networking in professional development clubs.

The Hacker is certainly better than the Dabbler and the Obsessive. But, they won’t reach the echelon of success. To do that you must be a Master, which we will cover tomorrow.

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