Friday, October 13, 2006


Million Dollar Savings Club: The Give-away Pile Strikes!

This post is an update to the Million Dollar Savings Club. If you are not familiar with this club, read my post describing it and play along.

Here we are at day 52 of the Million Dollar Savings Club. As I said before these piles of money are building up. With over $50 in the giveaway pile I decided to finally give some away.

Last Saturday, Sherry (my wife) and I were having dinner at a restaurant. The waitress looked stressed. She was having some back problems and shouldn't have been working. I felt bad for her. I don't know her, but she was probably working because she really needed the money. So, I thought why not unload some of the giveaway pile right now?

Our bill came to around $50. A "good" tip would have been 20% or $10. Why not use the giveaway pile to leave a 30% tip? So that's what I did.

It felt really good to leave a $15 tip for the meal. I'm sure it made her night to get a nice tip. All the waitresses I've known always judge their night by how much they're earning in tips. A "good" night means someone tipped them well.

Keep in mind it didn't cost me anything extra to leave a bigger tip. The giveaway pile paid for it. Could I have left her a $20 or $30 tip? Certainly. But I would have felt a little odd. I didn't want to draw too much attention to myself.

Being able to give is an incredible feeling. It's much different to give for the sake of giving rather than feeling obligated to give. That's why the giveaway pile is so important. You see, many times we look at our bill from a meal and think "What's the minimum I'd feel good about leaving". Have you ever done this? I know I have. I've even seen couples argue over leaving a $5 or $7 tip. I'm telling you, you're robbing yourself of the feeling of giving.

The giveaway pile will start teaching you the real power in giving. Because you already have the money to give, you'll give more.

You want to know the strangest thing of all?

It felt so good to leave that extra tip, I never paid myself back from the giveaway pile.

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